3DSS facial recognition technology
can be applied in different industries


Facial recognition
will shape our lives and the world around us

3DSS Team is using AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision to develop state of the art algorithm for 3D face recognition and reconstruction. 3DSS facial recognition technology can be used in various industries and applications, from a variety of security applications to the banking sector, automotive industry, plastic surgery, loyalty programs, police & military applications, and smart homes. Below you can find where 3DSS technology can be applied.

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See 3DSS solutions for a wide variety of industries


Personalized vehicle

We are excited to present you our concept of  “personalized vehicle`. If you are interested to hear more about this concept or to talk about cooperation, feel free to contact us.

Personalized vehicle

3DSS "personalized vehicle" concept

* Face Unlock & Start - Open your vehicle and start the engine using facial recognition

* Smart personalized vehicle - Identify the driver and adjust vehicle`s configuration according to the driver`s profile

* Fatigue driving detection - Monitor the driver`s condition at any time and make a warning on time to protect safety when fatigue driving occurs

Pay with your face

3DSS "3Face" concept

* We are using facial recognition as a biometric method of authentication for payment process. To make a payment the only thing that you will need to have is your face


3Face – Pay with your face

Imagine the future where you will not need cash or credit cards for everyday payments. Sounds impossible? Well,  3Face concept can make it possible.


National security

Today national security is a top priority in most countries. 3DSS technology can help police and military forces to improve national security and road traffic safety.


3DSS "National security" concept

* Terrorism / Crime detection - detect and recognize criminals and terrorists at airports, country borders and on the streets in order to prevent them from wrongdoing

* Road traffic safety - a system that can monitor traffic accidents and driver`s behavior in order to decrease the number of road traffic accidents in the future

* Military - Special weapons and systems with a facial recognition algorithm

3DSS "Store of the future" concept

* The combination of Sensors, Cameras, AI, Computer Vision, and Facial Recognition represents the brick-and-mortar retail concept without a long queue at the cash desk and without the cashier. The only thing that you will need to have in order to access the "Store of the future" and to make a payment for the items that you bought will be your face

* Personalized Ads - a smart display that will use emotional recognition in order to provide the customers with tailor-made ads according to their personalized preferences



Store of the future

Can you imagine the “store of the future“? In our concept store, there will be no cashier and no queue at the cash desk. Using 3DSS technology customers will be able to access the store, take what they need and make a payment at the exit just using their face. (Self-checkout)

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